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Please choose the style number of the wedding gown you would like to receive swatches for. All available color swatches for the style (usually 1~3 colors) will be sent.

Size info for VWIDON wedding gown samples:

Size    Bust    Waist    Hips**

 6        34 1/2      27      38 1/2

*All 3 parts should be same as or smaller than the measurements shown above.

** Hips should be measured at the biggest / lowest point.  

Return Policy: All sample sales are final, and not returnable. In case a wrong item was shipped, a claim should be made within 7 business days from the receipt of the product. VWIDON gift cards and swatches are not returnable.  

Delivery: Sample gowns will ship in 4 weeks from the order date. Veils will ship in 2 weeks from the order date. All wedding gown / veil orders will ship via UPS ground service. All gift cards, swatches, and accessories will ship within 7 business days from the order date.